Drass Ulwar

Seeking Answers


“I’m not making history. I’m made by history.”


As a child of the poleis of Meletis on Theros Drass was a prodigy, exhausting the plane’s rich history before adolescence; holding each tome he could find securely inside of his mind. His abilities did not go unnoticed, his parents saw this bottled potential and sent him to Dekatia Academy for philosophers and mages. Despite his gifts Drass did not enjoy his time in academia, preferring to see the world for what it was over what he and a small collection of academics deemed it should be.

After graduation Drass found himself in the position of many child prodigies; unable to impress the people with such high expectations of him. Overly eager for approval and keen to learn all he could about his home world, he ventured to the unexplored poleis of Asphodel. It was here that Drass discovered a runic scripture that he could not decipher, written on a strange necropolis artifact. Young and foolish, Drass took the artifact back with him to Meletis, hoping to solve it’s mystery.

Eager to work he did not sleep that night, opting instead to inspect his new trinket. Little did he know the significance of leading the bauble to the populous, though he would soon learn. Screaming resonated through his house coming from the room of his parents. Panic struck Drass grabbed the sword to his side, rushing to the aid of his parents. He was sadly too late and was met with the view of his dead mother and father, killed in their sleep by the figure looming over them. The artifact had taken with it a passenger, the Quasi Ashiok, brought into reality by the sleeping minds of Drass’s loved ones. Enraged Drass brought sword to flesh, but it meant nothing to the gaseous creature, who retorted with a mental attack. Fear like Drass had never felt coursed through his body as his mind fell to the darkest depths it could fathom. It was then that his planeswalker spark ignited.

Drass appeared writhing and screaming in the Nivix Hall of the Izzet League on the plane of Ravnica. Mages collapsed onto the planeswalker and with their combined efforts stabilized him. This process was long and painful, not physically, but mentally. Drass had lost his parents and, with no conscious ability to planeswalk, had lost his people as well. It took him days before the images Ashiok planted in his mind were purged. After this time the Izzet, eager to study a planeswalker, insisted that he should stay. They rightly said that his loss was weighing too hard on his mind for him to be truly recovered. Drass had seen many a mage during his time at Dekatia, but none like these, these men and women were testing the limits of that which was tangible, not pondering that which didn’t exist. He lived the life of The Magewrights for years, gaining the foundation knowledge of their league before he found himself once again pining for home, he needed to learn how to walk unrestricted.

A decade of self experimentation and vigorous training and still nothing, something was wrong, Drass was certain that if he possessed abilities such as these then he should be able to control them, though the League assured him this was normal. Drass was a trusting man, but he was not an idiot, it had taken him too long, from the day he arrived The Izzet wanted to keep him here and they were doing just that. Unto this point Drass had never confronted the highest authority of the League, the Firemind himself, Niv-Mizzet, but now was the time, this could not continue.

Rage was flowing through his body, but he had no idea of the effect it was having on him. Years he had been abusing his form with dangerous magic and equipment; now it was finally breaking down. Drass confronted the dragon with a body not of flesh and blood, but of pure energy. A fight ensued that almost destroyed Nivix, with Niv-Mizzet holding victory at it’s conclusion. The dragon was not know for his patience, but in his state he could not end Drass’s life, weakly they reasoned with each other, it was not The Firemind that had done this. Niv-Mizzet proposed that irreversible damage had been done to Drass’s mind after his confrontation with Ashiok. Drass conceded that it was possible and his form became once again human. The Firemind watched his transformation with curiosity and, despite what had happened, asked that Drass would trust him and his league, moreover, he asked that he would stay.

Drass, with sorrow in his heart for the people he had wronged and a new respect for The Firemind, stayed with the Izzet. He learned much during his time there, but one day news hit him that changed everything, there was a planeswalker in Ravnica. Supposedly this master of the mind had traveled here to reunite the guilds after another attempted attack on their integrity by House Dimir, but this did not matter to Drass, what mattered was that this “Jace” could help him. Drass jumped through every hoop he had available to him, willing to go to any measure to have a meeting with The Mindsculpter. A deal with the Dimir, a raid with the Rakdos and many nights hidden from the Boros and Azorius law-keepers later Drass found his target.

From Jace, Drass discovered that Ashiok was on Ravnica, more over he found that Jace wished to deal with him. Eager to avenge his parents, Drass offered his assistance in dealing with the Quasi; Jace accepted the offer and the two of them began planning. That night Drass slept in the Guildless Court-Street in the lodgings Jace had found for himself. It seemed though that Ashiok had become aware of them and wished to show them who they were dealing with. Once more Drass’s mind was infiltrated by the planeswalker and he was sent writhing to the floor, this time though he was mentally prepared. Drass pushed the onslaught from his mind and once more reached for his sword, swinging it for the threat that loomed over him. Steel could not touch the Quasi, but arcane energy could, a slash cleaved across it’s chest. This, however, was all Drass could manage before he collapsed once more clutching his temple. Jace rushed to his aid, seeing no sign of a threat; Ashiok had fled.

Jace entered the mind of Drass and found a crumbling psyche that could not be salvaged. Without many choices available to him Jace peeled years from the mind of the mage, pulling from him the damaged memories that were consuming his mind. In an instant Drass lost his childhood, his time at the academy, his parents, Ashiok, everything that had happened. Jace helped him from the ground and explained to him what had happened. To avoid damage to his own mind, Jace was allowing the memories to fade away, but was quickly explaining all he could remember; the name of Drass’s parents, his place of study, his friends and his home plane. Little more had been said before it was all gone, Jace couldn’t hold the memories anymore and conceded them to dust. He chose to let Drass go on unaware of what Ashiok had done, some things aren’t worth not knowing.

The two planeswalkers parted ways, without the blocks in his mind Drass had much on his horizons, many places to be seen. For the first time Drass walked through the doorway of the blind eternities and returned home to Theros. He walked to the academy he supposedly studied at, pondering which house could have been his. On his arrival he was fulled with a profound disappointment, there wasn’t much life to the place, nothing that reminded him of home. He took a moment to appreciate an empty victory, but only a moment, it was time he went home. Home to Ravnica.

Drass now travels the multiverse in search of knowledge. His curiosity has been triggered on the plane of Zendikar and he has traveled to Innistrad to see what answers history has to offer.

Drass Ulwar

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